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Meaning of Sorry You Have Not Been Given Admission Yet

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Have you come across the message “Sorry You Have Not Been Given Admission Yet” on the JAMB CAPS and Portal?

If you’re wondering what this message signifies and why it appears on your admission status or JAMB profile, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we will delve into the meaning of “Sorry You Have Not Been Given Admission Yet,” shed light on its implications, and provide insights into the possible reasons behind this status.

Have you come across the message "Sorry You Have Not Been Given Admission Yet" on the JAMB CAPS and Portal?

Understanding the Meaning of Sorry You Have Not Been Given Admission Yet

When you encounter the message “Sorry You Have Not Been Given Admission Yet,” it simply conveys that you have not yet received a provisional admission for the current academic year.

This status is a temporary outcome that indicates your admission status is pending or has not been finalized.

Potential Reasons for the Status

  1. School Admission List Pending Submission: The institution you applied to may not have yet submitted its admission list to JAMB. This delay could be due to various administrative processes that need to be completed before the list is forwarded.
  2. Not Yet on Batch Admission Lists: Your application might not have been included in the first, second, or third batch admission lists that the institution has released. Your admission could be deferred to a subsequent batch list.
  3. Awaiting O’Level Results: If you have not uploaded your O’Level results or are still awaiting them, this could be a reason for the status. Institutions often require complete and valid O’Level results for admission consideration.
  4. Institution Yet to Release Admission List: The institution you selected may not have released its admission list at the time you checked your status. This can lead to the “Sorry You Have Not Been Given Admission Yet” message.
  5. Admission Criteria Not Met: If you consistently see this status and none of the above reasons apply, it could mean that your application did not meet the institution’s admission criteria. In this case, the institution may have completed its admission process but did not find you eligible based on their specific parameters.

What to Do Next:

  1. Be Patient: If your institution has not yet released its admission list or submitted it to JAMB, exercising patience is essential. Admission processes can take time due to various factors.
  2. Check Regularly: Keep checking the admission portal and your JAMB CAPS for updates. Admission statuses can change as new lists are released or admission decisions are made.
  3. Upload Required Documents: If your O’Level results are pending, ensure that you upload them promptly to improve your chances of being offered admission.
  4. Consider Alternatives: While waiting for your desired institution’s admission list, you can consider other options such as supplementary applications or exploring other institutions with available admission slots.

Wrapping Up…

Encountering the message “Sorry You Have Not Been Given Admission Yet” can be disappointing, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your admission journey.

Understanding the possible reasons behind this status will help you navigate the situation more effectively.

We trust that this article has clarified the meaning of “Sorry You Have Not Been Given Admission Yet” and provided valuable insights for those seeking admission.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask using the comment box below!

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  1. My daughter was given admission at Unijos to read MLS through JAMB Caps, which we accepted. Checking the Unijos Portal, it was reading sorry, you have not been admitted yet. What is to be done or way out?

  2. Pls I have already changed my course on school portal Fuoye and it was late for me to change in jamb caps.will I not be admitted?

  3. Haven’t been giving admission yet by jamb but av been giving by d school.i just checked my caps and it showing not yet admitted.. Plz Wat should I do

  4. I checked only my jamb caps,but i havent check through the school caps.should i checked the school caps also.

  5. school portal said to pay for acceptance fee and medical fee but on the jamb portal it says no admission yet

  6. Please my admission is not in yet and I’m having some thing under my admission status saying I have incomplete application documents
    I want to ask ooo what should I do now before I can get admission

  7. My CAP is blank, nothing is showing; choice of Universities, results, nothing. My institution of choice offered me UTME admission without my knowledge and I had converted to Direct Entry after obtaining my JUPEB

  8. Does wrong names spelling cause delay in admission? Because I think that’s the cause of the delay in my own admission.

  9. please sir/ma is jamb is offering admission?
    I did my change of course on December 20 will I still be offered admission?


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