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Home » Education » ASUU Announces Indefinite Strike

ASUU Announces Indefinite Strike

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ASUU Announces Indefinite Strike as NLC Declares Nationwide Action.

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has officially declared an indefinite strike, citing unresolved issues with the government.

ASUU Announces Indefinite Strike as NLC Declares Nationwide Action.

This announcement comes as the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) prepares for a nationwide indefinite strike, set to commence on October 3rd, 2023.

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The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), a prominent umbrella body for workers in Nigeria, has also declared an indefinite strike, set to commence on October 3rd, 2023.

The NLC’s decision comes in response to various grievances, including concerns over fuel price hikes, electricity tariff increases, and calls for improved living conditions for Nigerian workers.

JUST NOW: ASUU Shelves Proposed Strike Action

It’s important to note that ASUU is under the NLC umbrella, and their decision to embark on an indefinite strike aligns with the broader nationwide action called by the NLC.

This coordinated effort amplifies the call for improved conditions not only in the education sector but also across various sectors of the Nigerian workforce.

The coming days will be instrumental in determining the course of action, and stakeholders will be watching closely as efforts to address these concerns unfold.

This is a developing story…

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  1. I’m surprised… Is the ASUU the same one that was denied eight and a half months salaries, but still facilitated the election rigging that installed the current national government?

    Well, I’m speechless, but let them face it.

    • May God help us,no man or woman can solve the problems of Nigeria apart from our father in heaven.let him fight on our behalf Amen.

  2. ASUU is not an independent body but rather a coordinated body. Whatever decision is made by the NLC is said to be Binding and not persuasive for they can not exculpate or exonerate themselves.

    Let’s stay tuned to see FG’s reaction to their actions.

  3. Are there no other means NLC could adopt apart from strike to resolve their problems? They are fighting for their selfish interests in which they cease to exist after getting what they want. Nigerians don’t need strike for now.

  4. Why can’t they do the strike once and for all and see whether it will yield result rather than compromising and frustrating the future of innocent Nigerians. Tomorrow now you go hear say them don call off strike. Waiting happen… Without reconciliation and resolution?

  5. Even though they go strike give the labour 6hours they will call it off you will see everyone will go out for work on Tuesday morning, Nigeria is tired of fails strike,

  6. It is so sad sometimes to see a lecturers or professors struggling to give their families better lives that will never come, but politicians who something doesn’t have legally ND even WAEC apart from the forged paper called result with no good line of straight sentence is swimming in money… Well… our lecturers and professor are the cause, because they collected money and announced the wrong people as winners after general election, I know sometimes it happened under duress..

  7. Many of those responding here are ignorant.
    Do you want to continue with this suffering?
    If you are enjoying,what about your extended family members?
    Are they equally enjoying like you?

  8. Useless tinubu, he want to see where the treasure of Nigeria is and he has seen what else president without line-uo plan


  10. The most bastard team in Nigeria is ASUU, please government should shutdown this group, they are not like poor people at all, they work for them selfs. If I’m the president I will open new recruiting join with manpower supply in one month. You are looking for job and you get it, thousands of people looking for, you are lucky for yourself, but you think of way of corrupt, I pray for Mrs president to safe and healthy day and night. UpTo now about 7 years we are at university this strike and COVID-19. Bad group, we student we don’t like this at all.

  11. If you want to destroy a nation, simply destroy her educational system. All the insecurity concern is a brain child of destroyed sch system.
    How much is committed to education in 2023 budget will simply tell you where we are heading to as a country.

  12. They should employed another instrument of negotiation, and not strike action so as to resolved prolonged issues in the system.

  13. See enh…if you want to go on strike, that’s your business o! But if you drag education into it after school fees hike, you will not prosper in your mission o! Amen. Because you people can’t be this wicked. Your olori participated in rigging the election, you agreed in outrageous school fees increments inside this crazy setback without provisions to match the inconvenience now you want to go on strike. I swear your water no fit boil o! Better leave education out of your dumb moves.

  14. We don’t need to strike at this critical stage of our economy.
    Strike action also refers to a collective decision by a group of workers to stop work as a means of protest against certain conditions or demands. The impact of a strike on a nation’s economy can be significant and wide-ranging. Here is a summary of the effects of strike action on a nation’s economy:

    1. Economic Disruption: Strike actions can disrupt the normal functioning of industries and sectors, leading to a decline in productivity. The interruption of work can result in production delays, reduced output, and disrupted supply chains, impacting the overall economic activity.

    2. Loss of Revenue: Strikes can lead to financial losses for businesses due to the halt in operations. For example, manufacturing companies may experience a decline in sales and revenue because of the inability to fulfil orders. This loss of revenue can have a ripple effect on the wider economy.

    3. Job Insecurity: If strike action persists for an extended period, it can result in job insecurity for workers. Businesses may be forced to lay off employees or even close down completely, leading to increased unemployment rates and financial hardship for affected individuals and their families.

    4. Decreased Investment: Strikes can create an unfavourable business environment, causing potential investors to hesitate or reconsider investing in the affected region. The uncertain labour conditions may deter both domestic and foreign investments, impacting economic growth and development.

    5. Damage to Reputation: Prolonged strikes can damage the reputation of both the company and the country as a whole. This negative image can deter potential customers, investors, and tourists, resulting in reduced economic activity and potential long-term consequences.

    6. Government Intervention: In some cases, the government may intervene to resolve labour disputes and mitigate the impact of the strike on the economy. This intervention may involve negotiations between labour unions, employers, and the government to reach a consensus and restore economic stability.

    It is important to note that the impact of a strike on a nation’s economy can vary depending on the scale, duration, and sector affected by the industrial action. In some cases, alternative strategies such as negotiations and compromise can be employed to minimize the negative effects and foster a mutually beneficial resolution.

  15. The rugged govt won’t yield if they strikes for a mill years. They should make use of the law/legal processes especially about the elections.

  16. If I may ask is it today that the price of fuel has increase. Stop delaying student because of our selfish interest

  17. ASUU is talking about strike after their members announced fake results that installed this government. God help us all.

  18. Let it hold a little, so the federal government will know the burden they have passed across to the masses.

    High cost of diesel, fuel ⛽, Gass nd foods in just how many months?

  19. I think I speak for all students when I say please please please we are begging in the name of God almighty we all serve please, we don’t need another strike this period or time please 🥺🥺🥺

    Our education has been delayed enough already please Sir’s and ma’am’s … We don’t need strike at all 😔😔

  20. Indefinite strike to commence on October 3rd by ASUU you people should have a rethink I have spend six years for a course of four years because of pandemic and ASSU strike. And if embarking on the strike will enhance the stability of our educational sector good and fine I pray ASSU takes right decision this time.

  21. Asuu again, after all the wasted years and the help rendered to the APC to installed president tinubu,why should they go on strike again so soon. This is the biggest joke of the century.

  22. Upon the hiking of tuition fees for University student, ASUU are still agitating for strike?
    ASUU don’t know that it’s poor man sons and dougthers studying in Nigeria public university?

    Bihari said it and Tinubu reinstated again that university should be autonomous and that is why universities increase tuition fees, and now they still want to emback on indefinite strike.
    Who is to be blame?
    In fact who is leading ASUU self?

    In carying out public service, National interest should be attain to, not personal (selfish intrest) please.

  23. Of what benefit is this when it’s not going to change anything.. Please let the poor breathe, don’t suffocate us.. 😪😥😢

  24. Wetin be this for crying out loud, make them hold their strike oo, this things is affecting us nah, have the littlest pity of us ooo

  25. Why ASUU, let our brothers and sisters to graduate, because as am seen now you can make them to spend their lives completely at the school.

  26. well, welther going or no going to strike. what i will have to say here is that let us put our faith in GOD(ALLAH) for him alone knows what is happening and him alone can come to our rescue.


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